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Patriot Gold Discussed In Northern Miner Newspaper As Arbitrage Situation

August 21, 2015
The world's leading mining publication ran a story recently which highlighted Patriot Gold's arbitrage value, pointing out an implied $10.6 million value yet having a market cap of roughly just 25% that. The article stated "Back-of-the-envelope calculations suggest that the Nevada-based junior’s market capitalization is a fraction of what it should be, compared with the market caps of two other juniors that are earning into the two projects."

Patriot Gold Discussed in Northern Miner, August 24 2015

Read the full article here or visit the Northern Miner website to read it:

The Northern Miner has been in publication for the past 100 years and is the go-to source for the world's mining industry professionals and investors. It's newspaper circulation is 100% paid. The author of the article is respected mining journalist Trish Saywell.